Nasarawa United and El-Kanemi Warriors Secure Promotion to NPFL in Super 8 Tournament

Nasarawa United and El-Kanemi Warriors Clinch Promotion to the Nigeria Premier Football League

The Super 8 tournament taking place in Enugu has lived up to its billing as a hotbed of competitive football action. The stakes couldn't have been higher, and the performances from Nasarawa United and El-Kanemi Warriors have secured them a much-coveted spot in the Nigeria Premier Football League (NPFL). In a journey marked by high tension and outstanding displays of football prowess, these two teams have emerged victorious, showcasing their readiness to compete at a higher level.

Dominating the Northern Conference

Nasarawa United's performance has been nothing short of spectacular throughout the tournament. They have consistently delivered strong performances, topping the Northern Conference with a perfect scorecard. Three matches, three wins. They defeated El-Kanemi Warriors, Sokoto United, and Sporting Supreme, amassing nine points in the process. This impressive run not only indicates their preparedness but also their keen determination to succeed in NPFL.

El-Kanemi Warriors, not to be overshadowed, also showed grit and skill. Finishing second in the Northern Conference, they secured their promotion slot with six points. Their victories over Sokoto United and Sporting Supreme highlighted their capability and resilience as a team. While their match against Nasarawa United didn't go their way, their overall performance has clearly been commendable.

The Southern Conference: A Battle Till The End

On the other hand, the Southern Conference presented a different picture altogether. The competition was intense, and after two games, all four teams were still in contention for promotion. This area of the tournament demonstrated how unpredictable football can be, with each team showcasing immense capability and ambition. It was Ikorodu City that found themselves in a precarious position, needing a crucial victory on the final day to avoid staying in the Nigeria National League (NNL).

Ikorodu City's initial matches against Inter Lagos and Beyond Limits hadn't gone as planned, with the team only managing to secure two points. This left them with no option but to push even harder in their final game. The atmosphere was thick with anticipation and anxiety, as every goal, every pass, and every move on the pitch could change the fate of these teams. The Southern Conference isn't just about winning; it's about survival, strategies, and seizing every opportunity.

What This Means for NPFL

The promotion of Nasarawa United and El-Kanemi Warriors brings fresh blood and new excitement to the NPFL. Both teams have demonstrated that they have what it takes to compete at this higher level. Their journey through the Super 8 tournament has prepared them for the challenges ahead, giving them a taste of the intensity and competition they will face in the NPFL.

Nasarawa United, with their consistent and formidable gameplay, will bring a new dynamic to the league. Their ability to win crucial matches under pressure is something that will serve them well in the NPFL. For El-Kanemi Warriors, their resilience and tactical skills will be their key strengths. They have proven, especially with their performance in this tournament, that they can overcome setbacks and emerge stronger, a vital trait for any team in the premier league.

Fan Reactions and Future Prospects

The fans of both teams have been ecstatic, flooding social media with messages of support and excitement. The promotion is not just a win for the teams, but a significant moment for their supporters who have stood by them through thick and thin. This promotion to NPFL is a testament to the collective effort of the players, coaches, and the unwavering support of their fans.

Looking forward, both teams will likely make significant adjustments to their squads, ensuring they are well-prepared for the upcoming season. The NPFL is known for its rigorous competition, and maintaining their form will be crucial. Recruitment of new talent, strategic training sessions, and setting clear objectives for the season will be on the agenda for the management of Nasarawa United and El-Kanemi Warriors.

This promotion also highlights the competitive nature of the Nigeria National League and the importance of tournaments like the Super 8. It provides a platform for teams to showcase their talent, compete fiercely, and earn their place in the premier league. The football community will be closely watching these teams as they embark on this new journey, bringing fresh enthusiasm and vigor to the NPFL.


The promotion of Nasarawa United and El-Kanemi Warriors to the NPFL is a significant achievement that speaks volumes of their hard work, dedication, and skill. The Super 8 tournament has once again proven to be a critical stage for teams aspiring to rise in Nigerian football. As these teams prepare for their NPFL journey, they not only carry the hopes of their fans but also the spirit of competition that drives the sport. The next season promises to be thrilling, with new challenges and opportunities for both teams. The journey has just begun, and the football community eagerly awaits the first kick-off.