Netcare Internships Programme 2020-2021


Netcare has more 55 hospitals countrywide with more than nine thousand registered beds and 338 operating theaters. They also hold more than eighty pharmacies, a 180 ambulances, and response vehicles with two winged-air ambulances and three helicopters via their secondary service known as Netcare 911.

This makes them the largest private healthcare industries within South Africa, as well as the most prominent training facility of emergency care and health workers. Netcare is also the largest private care provider within the UK. Netcare aims to become a universal leader, a proud contributor to society as a whole within the healthcare industry, delivering exceptional healthcare.

They accept a variety of medical funds, as well as self-pay clients and offer services from primary health care, dentists, mental health care, specialists and more. Netcare also has travel clinics as part of their primary care services.

Netcare places great value on delivering the best possible medical care with innovation and this is what they look for in their interns. They seek bright minds with a positive outlook on life to join their program and help care for all of mankind. The ideal candidate will show true care, dignity, passion, and truth.

Netcare Internships Available

The Netcare internship programme is available within many fields of the medical industry. These will be advertised as they become available.

Candidates can, however, apply within the following fields:

  • Pharmacy
  • Emergency Care
  • Nursing
  • Critical Care
  • Business Management
  • Administration

Most of the internships provided by this company are for a period of twelve months. Interested candidates must be reliable, responsible and have great ethical values.

Candidates applying within the pharmaceutical field may be exposed to the following:

  • Assisting clients with prescriptions – supervised
  • Counselling patients on prescriptions – supervised
  • Advising patients on medication storage, side-effects, and all related information
  • Aiding with stock control
  • Aiding in stock taking
  • Removal of outdated stock
  • Aiding with stock ordering
  • Handling of patient queries
  • Implementing SOP and GPP controls
  • Administrative tasks

Netcare Internships Requirements

The Netcare Internship program is available to candidates who show a great passion for helping people who are in need of medical attention via their variety of fields. Each internship has requirements that candidates will have to adhere to. However, these may differ, depending on the field.

To apply within the pharmacy field candidates are advised to the following requirements:

  • Must be a South African citizen
  • Must hold a valid ID document
  • Must have a valid Grade 12 certificate
  • Must hold a pharmaceutical qualification that is relevant to the field
  • Must have an extensive knowledge hospital pharmacy – Advantageous
  • Must have a knowledge of medical aids – Advantageous
  • Must know the workings within a private pharmacy
  • Must know the workings within a retail pharmacy
  • Must be registered with the South African Pharmacy Council

To apply within other fields as is made available candidates will need the following:

  • Must be a South African citizen
  • Must hold a valid ID document
  • Must have a valid Grade 12 certificate
  • Must have a degree or diploma in relevant field
  • Must be proficient in English

Netcare Internships: Application

Netcare internships online applications are not available. Candidates that adhere to all the requirements as set out by Netcare, may send their curriculum vitae, along with all certified documentation to

When the company has additional internships available, they will be advertised via the Netace Site and vacancies website, as well as other media forms and these, will specify the e-mail address which should be used by candidates.

Candidates may also request additional information by e-mailing Netcare is known to be an equal opportunity employer, providing people from all communities’ access to their applications and also promoting disability recruitment. Nonetheless, all candidate who applies must adhere to the requirements.

Netcare Internship: Closing Dates

Netcare offers talented candidates the opportunity to submit their application throughout the year, however, applicants must keep in mind that if you qualify, they will contact you. Thus, if you do not hear from the company, you may deem your application as being unsuccessful.

May you find what you are searching for if the medical field is your passion in life!

Steve Biko Internship Programme 2020-2021

The Steve Biko Academic Hospital speaks to all issues related to the countries health and the soul of our nation. It aims to develop, explore and promote a tangible healthy country. Their internship program aids in filling the gaps between studies and the working environment.

They seek talented applicants who uphold the same values which are:

  • Diversity
  • Integrity
  • Respect For All Human Dignity
  • Organizational Independence
  • Self-Respect
  • Self-Determination

They believe strongly in ‘restoring people to their true humanity’. This is done by empowering individuals through training and enriching their knowledge. Steve Biko hospital has a large capacity consisting of an approximated 900 beds with 50 day-clinics. They have more than 400 permanent staff members all eager to assist in growing the youth of South Africa.

Steve Biko Internships Available

Steve Biko offers a wide field of career options for internships, they may include these as listed, as well as other fields related to functions at such an institute.

Applicants interested may consider the following fields and apply if such an internship becomes available:

  • Medical Physicist
  • Family & Child Social Care
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Medical & Public Health Care
  • Mental Health
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Pharmacy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Dietetics
  • Radiotherapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Optometry
  • Dental Therapy
  • Oral Hygiene
  • Clinical Technology
  • Dental Technology
  • Medical Prosthetics
  • Medical Orthotics
  • Clinical Engineering
  • Trauma Counseling

Interns will receive practical training and gain valuable experience within their career choice. Internships duration may vary from eight months to two years, this will depend on the field entered into. Candidates will be exposed to all areas within the scope of the field and this may also include working with patients, their families, routine activities and more.

Steve Biko Internship: Requirements

Candidates who wish to apply for an internship with Steve Biko may do so when there are available internships, applicants must fulfill all the requirements as set out for each field.

The following requirements may be included:

  • Applicants must be a South African Citizen
  • Applicants must hold a valid South African ID document
  • Applicants must excel academically
  • Applicants must have successfully completed their Grade 12 year / Matric
  • Applicants must have a degree or diploma in the field they are applying for
  • Applicants must have great problem-solving skills
  • Applicants must be dedicated to making a difference
  • Applicants must be competent
  • Applicants must have great interpersonal skills
  • Applicants must be computer literate
  • Applicants must be sufficient in English

Candidates must ensure that the application form is filled in completely, signed and all documentation certified and attached. Candidates must also be willing to enter into a service contract with the Department if required to do so.

Documentation that has to be attached to your application are as follows:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Grade 12 Results
  • All and any Academic Records
  • Applicants ID documentation

Steve Biko Internship: Application

Steve Biko internships applications online are not available. There is usually an e-mail address given to candidates with the application form. For some of these positions, candidates can use the Governments Z83 form, this will, however, be stipulated, these forms can be collected from your local service department or from Steve Biko Hospital. Applications with all requested documentation must be sent to their address. For more details visit their website, Blogspot, education page or hospivision page.


Open internships will be advertised via media, either in print or online. Enquiries for Psychiatry, Trauma, and Counseling related fields may be directed to

Applicants must please ensure that they complete all fields of the application and sign the form. They must also ensure all certified copies are readable and clear. Certification of documentation must not be older than six months. Applications that do not have all stipulations as specified, will not be looked at. Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

Steve Biko Internships Closing Dates

Closing dates for Steve Biko internships differ yearly, however they are mostly found to be around the middle of each year.

Candidates must also please take note that if they have not had any contact within 3 months after the applications closed, their applications were unsuccessful.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Due to the high amount of applications, candidates are also urged to apply at other institutes offering the same fields. Good luck to all.