Travel and Tourism Internships 2018-2019


There are so many options one can consider within this field. There is excitement, adventure, and travel, along with socializing and management. Many companies seek young, talented candidates who would like to pursue a career within this industry.

Tourism usually implicates the exploration of new things and the wonder that the world has to offer. This may include research, recreation, vacationing, trade, communication, cultures, discovery, and relaxation.

Candidates will be able to gain great knowledge while learning hands-on how each part of the industry works. They will be able to build up their skills in leadership, development, client relations and more.

Travel and Tourism Internships Available

This field or industry has multiple options for candidates to consider. This field includes businesses within the public and private sector, travel agencies, event management companies, convention management companies, airlines, boat cruises, wildlife parks, car rental companies, government agencies and more.

Fields may include the following and more:

  • Retail consultant
  • Tour consultant
  • Travel consultant
  • Conference consultant
  • Travel agent
  • Tourism information officer
  • Tourism official
  • Tourism development coordinator
  • Travel-tour coordinator
  • Events manager
  • Events coordinator
  • Cabin crew
  • Ground coordinator
  • Flight attendant
  • Sales representative
  • Records management
  • Transport manager
  • Game ranger

There are also many companies offering travel and tourism internships within all fields of the industry. Some of them who may offer internships:

Travel and Tourism Internship Requirements

Each company has their own conditions that candidates will have to meet in order to be able to apply. We have compiled some of the basic requirements. Please ensure you know what the stipulation is of the company you are applying to. Most companies prefer candidates between the ages of 18 and 35.

Though for most positions within this industry, candidates can look at the following requirements:

  • Must be a South African citizen, with a valid ID document
  • Must hold a valid Matric
  • Must be proficient in English – read, speak & write
  • Must be computer literate
  • Must be prepared to work long or irregular hours or shifts
  • Must be able to excel under pressure
  • Must not have any criminal record
  • Must have great interpersonal skills, must enjoy being social and have strong communication skills
  • Must have a basic background in tourism, or a diploma/degree within their field of application

Most internships are for a duration of 6 to 12 months. Some companies may offer successful candidates a contract for up to three years. Some companies may also offer candidates a permanent placement, but not all do. Candidates are urged to also include a cover letter, referrals as well as a detailed Curriculum Vitae.

Candidates are reminded to please only send certified copies of all documentation and not their originals.

Travel and Tourism Internships Application

Travel and tourism internships online applications will vary from company to company. Most companies do however provide online application processes and these can usually be found on their websites under their careers tab. Most companies include a monthly stipend. Some companies also require their candidates to travel or work in rural areas.

Only successful candidates who make the shortlist will be contacted. If you have not heard from the company you applied to within 3 months of the closing date, candidates may deem their applications as unsuccessful.

Many candidates who are selected can expect to have contact with a variety of tasks in this industry. Some of them may include the following:

  • Exploration, research and company management duties
  • Customer care
  • Assisting in updating information
  • Performing daily duties of the company, as part of a team
  • Assisting with modifications
  • Organizing events, parties or planning
  • General administration
  • Making bookings
  • Scheduling maintenance

Travel and Tourism Internships Closing Dates

Closing dates will depend on each company that offers internships within this industry. Candidates can find out from their University Career centers about any open internships in this field, or seek current openings in newspapers and online.

This is an exciting industry to be part of. Candidates must, however, ensure they complete all forms, sign them, adhere to all stipulations and attach all certified documentation. Good luck to all travel and tourism candidates.

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  1. Charles says:

    I am a third year tourism student done with my exams and i am looking for an intership because in order for me to graduate i need 6 months experiencial training.

  2. Tumelo Michelle Kekana says:

    I am interested in applying for this internships. How do I go about applying?

  3. Ledile Antonia Monethe says:

    I am a tourism graduates who has received training like Galileo, Financial literacy, Computer literacy and Bookkeeping. I have all required skills and knowledge required in
    the industry. I have a good communication skills and interpersonal skills that enables me to communication with other people.

  4. mpho gift malogadihlare says:

    I am currently doing my last year in the field of Travel and Tourism at a college in Krugersdorp. I would like to be part of the candidates who participate in the programme that you have proposed, but I don’t know how to go through the process. I am doing my N6 semester now , have N5 certificate, and they have required us to have a place or find a place where we can do our practical’s for next year period for the duration of 1 year 6 month, in the related field of Travel and Tourism.

  5. Phindile Bontshi says:

    I am tourism graduate who has received training like computer literacy and secretarial.I have all required skills and knowledge required in the industry.I am people’s person willing to learn and would love to be part of candidates who participate in the programme that you have posted.But I do not know how to go through the process or applying.I have been trying to apply but I do not succeed I need experience as most companies they need experience.I do not want to work in the industry just for money but I have passion on tourism.

  6. herbert hlungwani says:

    I am 25 years old guy from Limpopo where they say tourist numbers are trendemously increasing each year. I have tourism management qualification not just qualification but a bachelors degree. My concern is that since i have obtained this degree i never had a proper job in this industry actually i tend to think that tourism industry is useless because by obtaining its qualification you are inviting struggle and depriving on your well-being. i then tend to blame minister of tourism Mr Derek Henekon for failing to produce tourism related jobs but still claiming that tourism plays a fandamental role on GDP. We are struggling and regreting for wasting our valuable time and effort to study toward this useless things. from Herbert

  7. Priyanka Naidoo says:


    Im studying travel and tourism management in diploma going on to my third year and as well as my bcom travel and financial part time 2nd year..I am part of a promotional company called leegra marketing and also worked as a retail consultant at foschini. I have a passion for travel and want to have experience in this industry.

  8. tshediso says:

    hi i am done with my diploma can you please help me with internship.

  9. Ntuthuko Makhombothi says:

    Hi am done my diploma in travel n tourism management so am looking forwad for internships

  10. Martha mamabolo says:

    I am 27 years old girl from Limpopo done with my studies tourism but for me to graduate l need 18 months experiencial training for me to have my diploma so please help me with internship.

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