South African Tourism Company Internships 2018-2019

Tourism ropes one in every 12 jobs in Southern Africa, with world-class communications, wildlife and amazing nature scenes, it is one of the mainstream desired destinations in the world.

This company is the ideal destination for people who love animals, cars, outdoors, planes and more. There are so many options to consider inside the tourism industry. There will surely be a lot of thrilling travel and adventure, along with organized socializing and learning in new fun ways. This company is in search of young talent, who wants to follow a career within this industry. Tourism involves all the wonders that our world has to offer and provides an exploration of all new things. It may also include relaxation, recreation, research, cultures, vacationing, discovery, trade, and communication.

All the selected candidates will be able to gain great knowledge while learning how each part of this industry works. Selected candidates will be able to build up their skills in client relations, leadership and more. With beautiful scenery that runs an array of spectacular vast grass plains to spectacular mountain ranges, then going from deserts to desert and coastline to meandering rivers. The countries nature scenes and wildlife is far more varied than the celebrated big five and is supported by all the extraordinary biological diversity. South Africa has become a home to diverse cultures, from the nomadic san of the Karoo desert to the Zulu tribes and more.

Tourism is regarded as a modern day, day to day engine of growth and is up to date one of the world’s largest industries. South Africa has embarked tourism as a key sector with excellent potential for growth. The Government aims to increase tourism’s contribution, both indirectly and directly to the economy. South Africa is highly diverse in terms of culture, climate, infrastructure and tourist activities and can cater for every tourism niche. Therefore the need of skilled personnel will always be required.

South African Tourism Company Internships Available

The fields available within this industry is quite extensive and candidates will have a variety of great experiences. The SA Tourism Company caters for both the private and public sectors. They work within the events industry, travel by land, sea, and air, as well as tourism.

Interested individuals may consider the following fields and more when made available by the company:

  • Game Ranger
  • Tourism official
  • Tour consultant
  • Records management
  • Travel consultant
  • Events manager
  • Cabin crew
  • Tour coordinator
  • Transport manager
  • Data capturing
  • Research
  • Translation
  • Event and function assistant
  • Office assistant

South African Tourism Company Internships Requirements

Like all other companies, the SA Tourism Company has requirements for each internship that will have to be met before applying. Applicants must ensure they understand and meet all requirements. South African citizens between 18 and 35 years of age are preferable.

Stipulations may vary, depending on field of application, however, most candidates will need the following:

  • A valid ID document and no criminal record
  • A valid Grade 12 or Matric certification
  • Proficiency in English, verbally and written
  • Computer literate and knowledge of MS Office
  • A willingness to learn and passion for the industry
  • Great communication skills and can excel under pressure
  • A team player and must be able to cope with stressful situations
  • A diploma or degree within the field of application, where applicable

Applicants with experience, a diploma or degree within the field of application is preferred. Most of their internships run from 6 to 12 months. Applicants must ensure all documentation is certified and all personal detail correct. Applicants must include a curriculum vitae and letter of interest.

South African Tourism Company Internships Application

South African Tourism Company internship applications online are not available. Open internships provided by this company will be advertised in local newspapers and the information will also be made available at all University Campus Career Centers. Candidates can also look them up on FaceBook, visit their site for more details. If there are online applications available it can be found under the Vacancies tab, at the bottom of their website.

South African Tourism Company Internships Closing Dates

The closing date for internships with this company differs with each field and the need of the company. If candidates have not had any response from the company in the two weeks following the closing date of applications, they can assume their applications were unsuccessful.

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  1. Martha mamabolo says:

    I am 27 years old girl from Limpopo done with my studies tourism but for me to graduate l need 18 months experiencial training so that I can graduate and have my diploma please help me with the internships plz

  2. sinentokozo khanyile says:

    I have Diploma in Travel and Tourism. I strongly believe for a person to say they have succeeded personally, academically and professionally is to know that they have made something out of themselves; this job will give me the opportunity of a life time providing me with the tools and knowledge to bring not only positive change into my life but also will bring an impact into my work field.
    As 22year old this job, will enhance the knowledge I have (as much as I might be young, I can make a difference), hence every time I do something I strive to challenge tradition by influencing everything with my travel and tourism background which has made me more aware and innovative. I’m very strong-willed, goal and results driven, independent, adapt easily to change and not easily influenced by outside situations. The reason I’m applying for this position in your company is because it motivates me to be part of something big which is this family that is employee’s wellbeing orientated. I thereby know I’m more than suitable for this position, because I’m confident in talking before a group of people, I’m able to communicate effectively and this has brought out my greatest strength. I enjoy the stimulation of achievement of being part of a team and the ability to function successfully as a team although I am also able to function successfully independently.

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