Rural Development Internships 2018-2019

rural development internships

Rural development internships have a wide selection of careers to offer to talented applicants. These include forestry, agriculture, planning, management and many others. It is ideal for people who want to assist in improving the lives and living conditions of people less fortunate. If you have the qualifications required and a passion for rural development […] Read more »

What are Summer Internships Programs 2018-2019?

summer internships

Summer internships are ideal for those who want to gain some hands-on knowledge in their field while still studying. These internships are usually for shorter periods during summer vacation time. Fields included in these programs are quite diverse and can range from law, finance, sales, marketing to managing and more. Some of the programs offered […] Read more »

Economics Internships 2018-2019

economics internships

If you are passionate about numbers, mathematics, solving problems and statistics, then economics internships may be a suitable option. Career fields include economists, surveyors, finance, consultants and more. Most economic fields are based on the study of mathematical problems, analyzing, evaluation, productivity, income, distribution, money factors, consumption, wealth and delivering of services or goods. This […] Read more »

Business Management Internships 2018-2019

business mangement internships

Business management internships are not for everyone. It includes many aspects of leading, controlling, planning and organizing. Running day to day operations and making key choices that can have a good or bad impact on a business. It is a big step and great commitment. It includes careers such as human resources, marketing, sales, planning, […] Read more »

Sport Management Internships in South Africa 2018-2019

Sport management includes a wide variety of career fields. Candidates with this degree will also have a great understanding of business, marketing, finance, and recreation along with their knowledge gain about all sports. Career fields could include fitness and leisure centers, hotels, spas, educational institutes and so much more. Sport Management Internships Available Candidates can […] Read more »

Radio Internships in South Africa 2018-2019

If the world of radio is the one you want to be in, then there are many options to consider. Radio internships are not only for presenters who love to talk on the radio but includes a wide field of careers. These could include a more technical aspect, camera operations, programming, engineering and so much […] Read more »

Computer Science Internships 2018-2019

Are you studying in computers, science, technology, programming and more? Computer science includes a wide field of opportunities ranging from programming, communications, management, program or game development and more. Many companies and industries make use of technology and require skilled computer science majors. Some could require candidates to have management skills and people skills, where […] Read more »

Psychology Internships in South Africa 2018-2019

Psychology is the study of the human mind and mentality. It focuses on issues relating to the well-being of people. Being a psychology major does not necessarily mean you will be confined to an office all day talking to people, however, this may be part of your daily routine. There are many fields one could […] Read more »

Teaching Internships in South Africa 2018-2019

Education is a great career choice and with a degree in this field, you can enter the private, as well as the public sector. Career options vary from educational positions to management, counselors, assistants and more. Education is also a serious career option in South Africa as there is a great shortage of skilled workers […] Read more »

Chemistry Internships in South Africa 2018-2019

Studying chemistry does not mean you have to be stuck in a lab all day unless that is what you love. Chemistry study has a long history and originated millions of years back, but was then known as alchemy. It is widely used around the globe to study changes in matter, structures, compositions and properties […] Read more »